data, devices and interaction


NIU’s Data, Devices, and Interaction Laboratory (ddiLab) supports a range of computer science research projects, with an emphasis on visualization and data analysis coupled to high-performance computing in the support of science. 

ddiLab co-directors Joseph Insley (School of Art and Design) and Michael Papka (Department of Computer Science) are leading several collaborative research projects focused on the interaction between user and tools; specifically, how computers support and enhance knowledge and discovery. The ddiLab provides opportunities for NIU students to assist with research related to these and future projects.

Current research interests include:

  • The life cycle of sensor and computer-generated data
  • The use of high-resolution and interactive displays to analyze sensor and computer-generated data
  • The application of virtual reality and augmented reality to scientific problems

Current Students

  • Hal Brynteson (Undergraduate) [Virtual Reality]
  • Cole Freeman (Graduate)
  • Bharat Kale (Graduate) [Information Visualization]
  • Vennela Kilaru (Graduate) [Authentication Methods]
  • Ryan Lewis (Graduate) [Performance Visualization]
  • Alex Rojas (Undergraduate) [Virtual Reality]
  • Renee Sonntag (Undergraduate) [Performance Visualization]
  • Matthew Swed (Undergraduate) [Virtual Reality]

Hardware Sponsorship


Joseph Insley 

Time Arts 

Michael E. Papka 

Computer Science

The ddiLab is part of  Northern Illinois University’s Department of Computer Science and School of Art and Design.