data, devices and interaction


NIU’s Data, Devices, and Interaction Laboratory (ddiLab) supports a range of computer science research projects, with an emphasis on visualization and data analysis coupled to high-performance computing in the support of science. 

ddiLab co-directors Joseph Insley (School of Art and Design) and Michael Papka (Department of Computer Science) are leading several collaborative research projects focused on the interaction between user and tools; specifically, how computers support and enhance knowledge and discovery. The ddiLab provides opportunities for NIU students to assist with research related to these and future projects.

Current research interests include:

  • The life cycles of sensor and computer-generated data
  • The use of high-resolution and interactive displays to analyze sensor and computer-generated data
  • The application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to scientific problems

Current Students

  • Hal Brynteson (Undergraduate) [Virtual Reality]
  • Nolan Cooper (Undergraduate) [Augmented Reality and Dynamic Object Tracking]
  • Bharat Kale (Graduate) [Information Visualization]
  • May Myo Khine (Undergraduate) [Array of Things]
  • Ryan Lewis (Undergraduate) [3D Printing, Virtual Reality and Array of Things]
  • Ivan Sanchez (Undergraduate) [Virtual Reality]
  • Matthew Swed (Undergraduate) [Array of Things]
  • Ryan Sy (Undergraduate) [Array of Things]
  • Ankita Upadhyay (Graduate) [Information Visualization]


Joseph Insley 

Time Arts

Michael E. Papka 

Computer Science

The ddiLab is part of  Northern Illinois University with support from the National Science Foundation (OAC1532133) and equipment donations from nVidia and Intel.